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Richard Branson’s Birthday Present from Universal

Richard Branson, who is celebrating his 62nd birthday today, is in talks with Universal/EMI to buy back Virgin Records…

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Kickstarter and the growth of crowd funding

This week Kickstarter, a US crowd-funding project, announced it is coming to the UK. We take a look at what the growth in crowd-funding means for UK artists and fans…

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Bloc has gone into administration

Baselogic has entered administration. Here we explain what that means for ticket holders…

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London Pleasure Gardens Press Release – Bloc 2012

Here is a press release we just received from London Pleasure Gardens with regard to Friday evening…

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Drop It Like Its Bloc

Bloc 2012. By now, you’ll have heard that it was a disaster. Two of our members were there when it all went wrong…

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Music defined

Forming a baseline definition, we tussle with what we believe music to be…

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Eurovision 2012: a sign of the apocalypse?

Always suspected Eurovision was the end of all things good and holy? Peter Kissick has done the research to prove it.

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Happy Mayday!

This post is dedicated to PUSSY RIOT (anti-Putin fem-punks currently detained by Russian authorities)  and in honour of direct action across the globe [youtube=] …

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It is Easter…

…so we’re off to gorge ourselves on chocolate. Have a good time!

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