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Eurovision 2012: a sign of the apocalypse?

Always suspected Eurovision was the end of all things good and holy? Peter Kissick has done the research to prove it.

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We called it America: the intellectual roots of American punk

josh white explores the figures that inspired the AMerican Punk movement long before the british explosion in  the 70s. In the UK, when we think …

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What happens when the stream of music is dammed?

Aryn Clark investigates the danger of investing money into unsecure streaming platforms. Late last year, the music streaming service Spotify lost over 200 labels when a …

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Why make your own ramshackle recording studio?

With cheapening equipment and a proliferation of recording software more and more artists have made their own recording studio. Chloe Hamilton explores the ins and …

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Interview with rock photographer Mick Rock

Mick Rock talks about photographing the greats, the drug scene, and… cats? Over at Riff Raf Richard Fulco has lined up a two part interview …

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Minor and major labels: Interview with Edward Rogers

Leading Us Absurd’s Matt Satterfield talks to Edward Rogers about how record labels and the industry have changed over the past 30 years. The music …

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The Language of Hip-Hop: a lot more than ‘ass’

There’s a lot more to Hip-Hop lyrics than some of the biggest hits let on. Nathan takes a look at their socio-linguistic depths. Okay, so …

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Proteus’ soundscapes: the similarities between procedural generation and improvisation

Video game music has come a long way from the humble bleeps of its youth. Where once fantasy adventurers would be chaperoned by the gentle …

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Stream of Tumblr: Learning About the Curator Through Their Collection

In an article on Pitchfork, Mark Richardson, used comments about the lack of originality in Tumblr photoblogs made by Canadian rapper and singer Drake as …

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